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 Women’s Little Trick on Their Shoes

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MessageSujet: Women’s Little Trick on Their Shoes   Sam 20 Nov - 18:23

Women’s Little Trick on Their Shoes

Winter is coming. How have you been with the colder and colder weather? In the meanwhile, do you miss your or your girl’s heels and knee high boots? However, how many times were you listening to your or her complaints about prolonged use of high heels shoes injuring her feet, knees and back?
Yes, in other words, beauty is pain. But just for one question, do you even know why do women wear high heels and sexy shoes even though the heels are uncomfortable and make their walking more difficult and painful? The question is becoming more mysterious, why do women keep wearing the thing that hurts them so much?
Well, the short answer seems to be that women in heels are more elegant and more likely to attract favorable notice from men and even women; moreover the tradeoff is looking really hot.
Women's shoes are bound to make women taller than they really are, so that women can show their grace to the world. We know how women’s high heels work. They force the back to arch, pushing the bosom forward and the buttocks rearward, thus accentuating the female form.
"Men like an exaggerated female figure," writes fashion historian Caroline Cox, who especially has a distinct idea on fashion boots. But the problem is that if all women wear high heels, such advantages tend to cancel out. If women could decide collectively what party shoes to wear before they go to a fancy party, all might agree to forgo high heels. But because any individual can gain advantage by wearing them, such an agreement might be hard to maintain.
Do you happen to read the great book Sense and Sensibility? The very famous author named Jane Austen as we all know, describes her beloved character Elinor Dashwood as having a "delicate complexion, regular features, and... remarkably pretty figure". Height, after all, is a relative phenomenon. It may be advantageous to be taller than others, or at least not to be several inches shorter.
Like Jane describes Dashwood's sister, Marianne, as "still handsomer. Her form, though not so correct as her sister's, in having the advantage of height, was more striking". But when all wear shoes that make them several inches taller, the relative height distribution is unaffected, so no one appears taller than if all had worn flat heels.
All in all, women’s boots, no matter they are ankle boots or knee high boots, are women’s little trick to get this whole world love them as they themselves do. People say they're bad for the feet, but they're good for the mind. What's more important? So they keep wearing their heels like they never have got hurt from them.
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Women’s Little Trick on Their Shoes
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