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 Just Wear What Makes You Feel Good

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MessageSujet: Just Wear What Makes You Feel Good   Sam 20 Nov - 18:24

Just Wear What Makes You Feel Good

Once upon a time, there came a lady with ankle boots. Then there came another lady wearing knee high boots. And there came one more lady in high heels. There were lights on of course and there were quite a lot of men downstairs standing straight, waiting more ladies with their fashion boots and party shoes.
As a woman, we are proud of the ability to make men covet and want to have sex, but we also know that boots with heels are the most attractive Women's shoes to do that. Meanwhile we happen to know that the weight of a woman's body is almost entirely focused on a heel the size of a pencil eraser, which creates immense pressure for such a small area. Much more, in fact, than a 6,000-pound elephant -- which explains why elephants can walk on grass but women in spike heels can't without sinking into the ground.
Therefore, do high heels empower women in the workplace, or do they oppress us and ultimately harm us? There may be two opposite ideas on this topic. Heels shoes may be inextricably linked with sex because they are sexy, an anthropology professor at Rutgers University in New Jersey admitted, but over the past 10 years or so women have reclaimed them as symbols of female power, not subjugation.
However, there are people who would like to believe that2010 new sexy shoes can boost their career by transforming you into a confident, strident force to be reckoned with and can improve your sex life because the act of wearing them makes you feel sexy and strengthens core abdominal and pelvic muscles at the same time.
There might be plenty of articles which explain how hot a lady could be with her 2010 new shoes; there might be quite a lot of scientific news stating how dangerous high heels could be to women’s health. But these talks are all okay because fashion experts and foot doctors are never gonna get a common view on it within a short term, though they are trying so hard to find attractive shoes with slightly shorter heels.

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Just Wear What Makes You Feel Good
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