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 Spotted: Keep Wearing Heels If You Do Wear a Lot

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MessageSujet: Spotted: Keep Wearing Heels If You Do Wear a Lot   Sam 20 Nov - 18:27

Spotted: Keep Wearing Heels If You Do Wear a Lot

Spotted: Women who wear high heels shoes for long terms of time should not go back to flats, a scientist warned this morning. Seriously, how come this happens?
Let’s look at this first. Doctors and scholars alike have argued about the physical and cultural effect, both positive and negative, that heels have had not only on women, but on society as a whole. As tested, the high heel wearers, who complained of discomfort caused by sexy shoes when they switched to flats, were found to have muscle fibers 13 percent shorter than the women in flats. How long of wearing exactly? If you wear high heels like knee high boots for two years or more, five times a week, muscle fibers will become shorter and tendons will thicken and stiffen.
That’s right, girls. Plus, an immediate effect in restricting ankle movement and impacts your ability to walk fast and run — both in heels and flats. These reports are all issued by scientists at Manchester Metropolitan University, in northern England. What they have found is continued wear of fashion boots caused the Achilles’ tendon to thicken and stiffen permanently, so calf muscles were forced to stretch painfully when switching to flat women’s shoes.
There was a study too. Two groups of women aged between 20 to 50 years were tested. One group regularly wore high heels shoes of two inches or more for two or more years, while the other group had always wore flats.
Not only just reports are published by scientists, but also a study is shown to the public. As a result, heel lovers should try stretching exercises at the end of each day's wear to avoid soreness instead of go back to flats. If you need an important factor not to give up heels, I am here for you. All women, including me, wear sexy shoes and flats on alternate days, but said he found most women who wear heels prefer to wear them at least five days a week. No other shoe, however, has gestured toward leisure, sexuality and sophistication as much as the high-heeled women's shoes. How is that sounded? Will you give up your fashion boots when winter is coming?
In a word, no matter how others talk about the heels might hurt you or science men report that how you should keep wearing heels to stay healthy, just do what makes you happy and cheers you up and be who you are or who you would like yourself to be!

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Spotted: Keep Wearing Heels If You Do Wear a Lot
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