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recent years, with the improvement of living standards and the great wealth of material life, human health has become increasingly concerned about the topic, attempts to maximize health and quality of life. And health as a recognized physical fitness, longevity the only way, and naturally became a popular and fashionable. I believe that health is our life, diet and rest, the central idea is a rational attitude towards life.


TCM theory holds that the body has the innate and acquired the essence of the fine points, only congenital, acquired the essence filling the strong, the body can maintain a healthy state. Innate essence comes from the maternal genetic, with the relative stability; acquired the essence of nutrients from digested material composition, tone appropriate, eating well, then acquired the essence Chong Sheng, and to a certain extent, dependent innate refined, so that the body maintain a balanced state of yin and yang, the body healthy and strong body is riddled with non-students. Many diseases, often from the mouth into the room, in order to maintain a healthy state of life, we must make a good diet this off. Diet consists of four meanings: a clean, sometimes, there is quality, there is volume.


For chronic diseases, should focus on individual needs, develop a good diet plan, be increased to promote the disease for the better diet, to avoid deterioration of the diet can cause disease.

To ensure the right amount of food intake, over-eating will increase the burden on the stomach, it may lead to poor digestion and absorption, but also makes the accumulation of excess material in the body, causing metabolic syndrome. On the contrary, taken to extreme dieting to lose weight is not an acceptable method.

degree of relaxation

degree of relaxation, it simply is work and rest. Organ function is like spring, over-exertion over the body's own regulation, compensatory ability, over time, decreased organ function, will inevitably lead to disease. Everyday life, people should maintain a regular schedule. Chinese emphasis on From the modern medical theory about the human body has its own function and metabolic rhythm, hormone secretion, the repair function must be given time to complete.

regular exercise

regular exercise to keep the body active function, maintain healthy and stable body of the important measures. Many people have the feeling refreshed after the campaign, and even sleep quality can be improved. Western medical theory holds that exercise can improve immunity, improve heart and lung function, and promote visceral functional activities, and to achieve mental relaxation effect. TCM theory holds that people are overall unity of yin and yang, yin and yang are equal, joint body to maintain balance and stability, premise. A single work of modern society, fast-paced work, pressure, no time for exercise. This way of life makes the human body Yang Qi hungry, decreased body resistance, internal organs function, and righteousness against evil, negative, and thus to maintain the right amount of exercise is particularly important.

joy, anger, there is often

people have long recognized the emotional excesses of the pathogenic role of traditional Chinese medicine theory, elaborated a theory of disease impassioned impassioned radical cause disease pathology change. is gas consumption, gas consumption is thinking. Life husband and wife, not liking the work and thus lead to emotional changes brought about ill examples abound, syncope due to stroke or even death caused furious extreme cases are not uncommon.

Chinese proverb called ; such positive emotions should be beneficial rather than harmful to health. Is not the case. It can be seen, even

health is not a mysterious Chinese medicine theory, not once, not be done overnight; health is life bit by bit, it is day, perseverance, is accompanied by a lifetime of health habits, health is a rational attitude to life.

clean sweep, between the dawn, with the sex swing and stand firm ...

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health, health attitudes
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