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 EACHWAY 2011 F / W special conference

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MessageSujet: EACHWAY 2011 F / W special conference    Lun 17 Oct - 17:59

EACHWAY 2011 F / W special conference
2011 年 7 月 7, Eleventh China (Shenzhen) International Brand Clothing & Accessories Fair kicked off fashion, and fashion industry party once blooming splendor. Grand opening ceremony, the first big show of opening EACHWAY (Art of the Hui) Fashion Group's top ten well-known Chinese designer women's brand EACHWAY original contractor in one fell swoop.

EACHWAY 2011 Winter Session conference interpretation of the theme of Autumn and winter of 2011 writing, Zhao Hui Chau on EACHWAY boldly style adjustment, the product tends to be more younger, this new attempt to share with you not only want to continue to harvest her understanding of life, it is hoped that through their own for the modern intellectual enhance the qualities of thinking make women more results to show. In 2011, social unrest and even international events still affect people, but people's expectations and care dormant feelings of caring for the environment like the butterfly nets out of the fly firmly towards the future, looking forward to turning point in this context, the Art of the Hui in into the popular classic at the same time to retain elements to convey a positive face life, optimistic perspective on the world to convert joy. Here, the designer of classic meters gray, tan, black mixed as tone, boldly into the honey orange, caramel, peacock blue and other colors, so this winter is no longer boring. New re-interpretation of classic colors, and change re-mix, showing different aspects of temperament and vitality of a woman self-confidence. This is the metaphor for the fish and their EACHWAY Zhao Hui Chau's story - the fish's mood.

EACHWAY 2011 total is divided into autumn and winter series: Smart water, the breeze whisper, warm sunshine, cold winter, cold mountain, there are many levels to express the season of autumn to winter transition and inner different feelings and changes. Near the end of the summer to early autumn when the season changes, the color of water is also changed, Smart meters underwater natural bred gray, and gradually deepened, freehand embellishment during printing, showing fresh and elegant style. Thin and relatively thick fabric interspersed with each other, playing bar, crimp and other processes add to the sense of texture. Autumn breeze blew the water, affects the shore of the reed, soft and tough Wei Wei Xu shot gives you unlimited inspiration, earth colors euphemistically describe the skill and calm, classic combination of rice camel brush bold use of color, The fight hit the fabric cut with unique interpretation of the different professional elegancesac chanel prix. Mature in late autumn filled with the joy of harvest, cashew nuts and rice bran color color theme throughout the autumn, and higher saturation light orange is the human heart's share of joy and warmth, elegant hourglass, cute type A, as bring a touch of simple life drama. Early winter, the temperature plunged, but also to a variety of wool, fur, when popular, almost did not see a single difference is that the wool or fur, fur with wool, woven wool ride, hit the woven wool, wool fur fight The mix and match approach has been firmly established, with the use of gray-green, and neutral to create a sophisticated charm. Depths of winter snow covered the earth was, the sun shines on the ice, a reflection of the beautiful light, coat the special structure lines revealed a sense of modesty and sanctity, compact structure and shape is the key to all new, wonderful sense of texture in shine on each piece of clothing, neat, capable to be the most perfect interpretation. Interpretation of the five themes of emotion into the fall and winter seasons of nature, to convey elegance winter.

shape the temperament, to convey temperament, Zhao Hui to the continuous creation of art is the enduring theme of flowers, so that Zhao Hui Chau continued to study Oriental temperament and heritage of the East temperament in the process always embrace the feelings, it is because of this belief affirmed and insisted that Art of the Hui would have been such a healthy growth of, like Zhao Hui Chau said the same: fish Yu Yu ah child has been, one day fly on the sky.
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EACHWAY 2011 F / W special conference
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