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 Dingchong, Taiwan TV series That he play a small role because the play is a loss for the actor,

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MessageSujet: Dingchong, Taiwan TV series That he play a small role because the play is a loss for the actor,   Mer 19 Oct - 6:41

Dingchong, Taiwan TV series That he play a small role because the play is a loss for the actor, but he just accompany each episode in a loss for the side of a valet. But this person is to steal the spotlight, he soon played as limit exceeded the maximum level of play out of a handsome, introverted, martial arts excellence attendant male charm, so I looked around to identify his real male lead .

I was still in elementary school, parents playing mahjong at night before the race against time to abandon the TV back, in order to see the ups and downs of the detection is not the story, but by Dingchong of smiles, and his feelings of beauty and numerous disputes.

guy Dingchong can make is a soft sword around his waist (we all know this is my hometown specialty Longquan sword), Yudi to the waist of a pumping, Jianguang as Long fly away. But remember he is not invincible, has repeatedly because of emotional problems remained at the edge of life and death, such as the heart of a woman guilty of knife and deliberately stabbed her own chest, and so on.doudoune moncler He Emotion rather than melodramatic, combined with handsome, and his calm, like a large number of his woman, but because the story he wants to follow a loss for the arrangements in the private four thorough investigation, as the story of this 193 set to have enough space fabricated, he can not stay down for any one woman, even if there is goodwill but also ambiguous. This trickle blurred relationship Daorang I have enough imagination, imagination is his own Destiny's Child. At that time during the day to night, think, feel that they really like him, like to not know how to do, even after the decision to marry a married surname Ding, and then give birth to a child called Dingchong. Unknown in this way if his memorial to commemorate First love of my heart, while the real people who have accompanied their life until death do not know who has the shadow of another person, that that's so poignant and romantic do.

that time Now think about it, the actor who plays Ding Chong's first obsession is my life idol. It stars illuminate my fanciful childhood, but did not illuminate his own future. I think he can with the play became a hit, did not expect the next ten years, but again not seen the film he starred in, and occasionally see him in some little-known play in guest or supporting roles played villain, and no flash point at all, just think this person familiar powerful, like a half-day thought is Dingchong, my heart's not sad.

that the Department of the play appeared in a number of small supporting role many have become well-known faces, some hit it big, Some steady, but is he, indeed of the past so many years had become a utility man. Today the eyes of the actor that year, but only actor played his father,moncler doudoune each encounters different, outsiders can not complain about him. Surely his mind is old fast, and just looks too old to think faster, hair loss could see traces of body fat start, his face wrinkles spread, look at his photograph almost did not recognize this is ten years I am fascinated by the former crazy guy Dingchong.

some time ago on a whim, downloaded the 40 episodes of Play the martial arts scenes and special effects of course, now seems far from satisfactory, Dingchong shape is also somewhat out of date, even when watching unknowingly fell asleep several times. The legend of the other 153 sets have been found, Dingchong final destination will not know the feelings, in fact, even if found, I may not have the patience to read.

Dingchong in the end is the old, as I have long had a fascination with idols of the age. Even more handsome now see, I do not have the imagination to weave fantasy. Time is so loved will never come back, the lost found again. But I want to tell you, that's Dingchong actor named Yang Zhongen, I remember you were young look. I miss you.

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Dingchong, Taiwan TV series That he play a small role because the play is a loss for the actor,
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