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 Taobao, the ten most popular shopping site

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MessageSujet: Taobao, the ten most popular shopping site    Mer 19 Oct - 13:22

say in this day and age, people are not online shopping OUT! In this era of shopping sites everywhere, do not say you can only know Taobao! Although I am not online shopping is a very long time, still a rookie, but I'm aware of in addition to Taobao, the most popular shopping sites have ten!

1. Excellent

do not know no one like me, lost virginity is superior ah ~ Excellence is my impression among the oldest e-commerce sites, and used to be selling books, and now do the department stores. Excellent buy things often go before, and now do not often go, because inevitably Postage ... ...

2. Dangdang

excellent books I do not go after, on the Dangdang Taoshu. Dangdang books are cheap, and free shipping! I have the set of ! Dangdang with excellent, just as selling books started, but now they do the department stores. I have a friend that engage in e-commerce Dangdang to get married, her husband is a new egg? What is this mean ah ~

3. Di Music Network

In fact, should be put behind Di music network, because it is not in the traditional sense of the shopping site, but rather is an information website. However, those behind the website, I know the network through the Meadows. . . Di Music Network are many functions, but the price is still the most powerful features of this notice, is simply the network 007 ah! ! As long as a commodity to use this feature, the price you can know a little bit of trouble. You can also several businesses with products to use this feature, shop around is that simple ~ ╭ (╯ ^ ╰) ╮

4. Jingdong Mall

I do not know the original is Gansha Jingdong Mall, only to see every day online Meadows There Jingdong promotional information! Baidu had a bit to know is do Jingdong electronic products, but this year has also started daily necessities. Although the classification of Jingdong is still very wide, and basic necessities are, but I just think Jingdong or sell electronic products better.

5. New Egg China

listen Jingdong said that the new things into the egg and water and fire, I looked not all ah! Jingdong compared with new eggs, seems to be more professional of some, only digital electronics products. I have a colleague to buy digital products to buy eggs only in the new, he said the new egg cheap. I have the time to the new egg price of a store with a notice that the price to do a roller coaster with ups and downs of the! OTL ||||| did not hesitate in di music online face

6. 1 shop online supermarket

; mixed horizon horizon of the people that are everywhere on the 1st shop, I do not know if the plate does not mix, I see are selling Iron Goddess of Mercy. . .囧 rz. Go to No. 1 in the shop, I only know that the Internet can buy clothes, shoes underwear, went to the only known that rice oil can also buy online! Appointments can also buy tickets. There all day long promotional discounts to attract a lot of fans, I eat a lot in that Amoy, there are cheap does not account for biscuits!

7. Vancl where the customer

we department heads is vancl loyal users, according to him his shirt in that 80% are bought, he said vancl more product categories, style, color-rich BLABLA ... ... although I could not understand his somewhat arrogant way, But have to admit that vancl business did quite well. You want to sell men's shirts can be sold so the fire, quite some experience ah! Directorchanel ipad case said vancl now sell women's, and what kind of Bra-T, so our department to see the girls also. Cushions ~ ~ (╯ ﹏ ╰) b, Well, your clothes, their home is dead, we can not afford that kind of petty ... ...

8. ; red children

confinement when my sister, I still bought diapers red children do ! I see people in the Meadows, said the red-line the child can not buy imported Meiji milk! I wonder, what's difference between imported and domestic? Who knows which is really not 3JQA. But now starting grabbed the merchandise, baby products it touches a lot less. However, sometimes above the red children a product in the same price in different cities, sometimes not and sometimes freight shipping! A mess!

9. Mecoxlane

if You are home-based MM or housewife, I suggest you go Mecoxlane see his family who have small household items Ju Jiafu really attractive. I have a friend is that we dubbed the But I was no sense of McCaw forest, mainly his family's rules too BT, return more than 2 times, will be automatically rejected as between households! Super bad mood!

10. Wine off

first declare what, I'm not an alcoholic, is the Wine is very curious - I always feel that people are very romantic and wine! My colleagues liked red wine, red wine is also often come and go off on, I once glanced at his computer, he just watch the wine off the wine! o (╯ □ ╰) o, upper right corner of the mentally handicapped page animation, is that teach you how to pay, and how a mine Zile, can people outside the focus in the tender! Types of wine his family enough, but also often engage in some promotions ah, wine tasting class activities, but when I was a good spectators. Wine Guia. . .
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Taobao, the ten most popular shopping site
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